Energy Management

Accurate data and billing management are key areas for energy customers. Inaccurate invoicing has a substantial cost and time burden on a business and many don’t have the resource to resolve the issues themselves. Our invoice validation software allow us to check thousands of invoices in a matter of minutes. Invoices are compared against the calculation of correct charges according to the supply contracts in place. We will report on any issues and can work to agreed levels of service when raising queries with the supplier.

There are many things that can be wrong on an invoice. Unit rates and charges are the main areas of concern but VAT rates/CCL and opening/closing meter reads have become a large area of concern for property management companies.

Bespoke Utilities can offer advice and assistance with many energy management solutions and on site generation projects. If a business has an appetite for identifying energy reducing measures we can oversee and assist with the installation of LED lights, PV, Biomass, CHP and voltage optimisation.

One key way to reduce consumption for a business is to educate the employees. Basic things such as turning off equipment when it’s not being used and ensuring nothing unnecessary is left on when the office is closed can lead to free savings.

The systems we use offer regular reporting on energy consumption through the data we receive from the meter operator and the data that is on the invoice.