Energy Services

As an independent Energy Consultancy, Bespoke Utilities offer transparent and expert advice in all areas of utility management.

Helping our clients manage their utilities is what we specialise at. We focus a lot of time and attention on making sense of the data and knowing how and where energy is being used and wasted. Each of our clients have different requirements and we use a variety of methods to provide them with the services that they require. Outlined below is a list of the services we provide:


Bespoke Utilities have a variety of innovative and unique purchasing strategies.


Market Analysis

Energy markets are changing on a minute by minute basis. Using our in-depth knowledge of the markets can assist you in procuring at the correct time.

Invoice Validation

Bespoke Utilities receive a copy of every invoice and run it through our validation software for errors.


Query Resolution

Your named contact at Bespoke Utilities will handle any queries no matter how big or small.

Consumption Analysis

Our systems offer regular reporting on energy consumption through the data we receive from the meter operator and the data on the invoice.

Portfolio Control

Bespoke Utilities ensure all energy contracts are terminated at the correct time and COT’s processed in a timely manner.



Bespoke Utilities can assist with siteworks such as meter installations and AMR upgrades.


Bespoke Utilities can offer advice and assistance with many energy management solutions and on site generation projects.



Bespoke Utilities specialist ESOS team can ensure you stay compliant with mandatory government schemes.


Bespoke Utilities can assist with providing reports, consumption analysis and surveys to ensure you are supported across all phases of CRC.

Cost Recovery Audit

We are able to go back up to 7 years of gas and electricity invoices to identify any errors that may have been made.

Tenant Billing

Bespoke Utilities assist landlords and property agents with the apportion costs to end users.

Free Energy Review

We can review all your existing contracts and advise of strategies for reducing costs

Transfers of Supply

We manage the process of switching suppliers and handle any objections.

Group Buying Scheme

To make additional savings we look at bulk buying your energy as part of a larger group.