Our aim is to use our extensive experience in the energy industry to give our clients as much knowledge and control as possible when it comes to their gas and power contracts. We will offer each of our clients a Bespoke package giving them the most suitable utility solutions to meet each individual requirement. We will continue to be transparent and we will cover all aspects of utility management whilst ensuring our clients are compliant. As we continue to grow, we will be a leading consultant to our clients and a respected employer to our staff.

William Bush – Managing Director, Bespoke Utilities Ltd

Who We Are

Bespoke Utilities are a leading utility consultancy. Our team of highly experienced energy experts aim to help our clients understand and take control of their energy costs.

Our offices are based in Loughton, Essex. Just 10 minutes from Junction 26 on the M25 and only a short train journey from the centre of London. The location means we are centrally located and able to meet up with clients and suppliers regularly.

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What We Do

Bespoke Utilities understand that our clients have different requirements and we offer tailor made packages to them in respect of their energy contracts. We value our customers attitudes towards risk and offer packages which are focused on price through to ones which are focused on flexible solutions.

We also specialise in the knowledge of non-energy costs and additional revenue streams such as Demand Side Response.

Why Choose Us

Bespoke Utilities has the experience of dealing with some of the industry’s most complex energy users. We apply our expert knowledge of the energy markets and the energy suppliers to offer our clients the best possible service.

Our aim is to add value to all stakeholders via the provision of our bespoke designed products and services. In turn we will reduce our clients costs as well as their valuable time allowing them to concentrate on their own business.

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What makes Bespoke Utilities unique?

Bespoke Utilities have direct relationships with all major commercial utility suppliers. We strive to be the best we can possible be and we believe we offer our clients the best possible service by focusing on the following:

There are no hidden fee’s. We are transparent with our clients and they know how much we charge them for the work that we do. Suppliers are also aware of the agreed uplift – this transparent way of working makes us completely impartial when operating on in the energy market.
No contracts with clients
We do not tie our clients into a framework contract. We believe that if we continue to deliver a high level of service and competitive prices then our clients will want to work with us. The transparent nature of our relationships with clients means that we have a retention rate of over 98% because we tailor make every single package for our clients and give them what they want, not what we think they should have.
Supplier Negotiation
We work hard to get our clients the best possible deal by negotiating across the whole of the market. We have relationships with all suppliers and use our experience and knowledge to assist our clients in finding the supplier that is the perfect fit for them and one that understands their business.
Market Intelligence
We produce daily market reports. Our knowledge of the markets is key when it comes to procurement and we ensure that by tracking the commodity markets on a minute by minute basis we can help our clients make the most informed decision possible with regards to procurement.
After Sales
Your dedicated account manager is committed to providing the best possible customer service. The knowledge and experience of every member of staff is aimed towards building long lasting relationships. We aim to create long lasting working relationships with our clients and the level of service we provide is integral in the ongoing relationship.

What to consider when choosing a consultant:

The majority of British Business’ use consultants now. Whilst the level of service that a consultant provides varies across the industry, we believe that businesses should be looking to partner with an organisation that’s not only proven in their industry, but one that understands their needs and works in an open and honest way.

It is vital that the consultant understands the needs of the client before handling any contracts. Every business has slightly different requirements and it is our duty to meet those requirements. Sometimes the cheapest price isn’t the best option and we will always aim to be honest with our clients about their options and how it could impact them.

How do we charge?

Bespoke Utilities can charge in a couple of different ways. More commonly we recover commission via an uplift on the kWh price which we later recover from the successful supplier. On other occasions we charge a flat fee. The amount we charge is always dependent on the level of service we provide and this is usually chosen at the start when we offer a number of different procurement packages.