Sustainable Energy

Bespoke Utilities are committed to helping our clients find the best sustainable energy partner for them, in terms of both the price on the market and also the ability to report.

Whilst it’s impossible to actually deliver green energy directly to your premises, the energy you pay for is pumped into the national grid and replaces traditional (brown) energy. As more people opt to buy green energy, the supple of sustainable energy available increases and reduces the demand for brown energy. The Government has committed to produce 15% of its energy from renewable sources. It comes from a variety of sources.


This is Britain’s number 1 source of renewable energy. The technologies involved are well developed with multiple wind parks up and down the country.


Despite what most people think about the weather, we do have enough sun. Enough to make electricity on a large scale through solar cells. A solar cell converts light into an electric current and is one of the main components of a solar panel.


Energy which is generated from flowing water. This is used where water causes turbines to rotate such as the coast line or on major rivers.

Renewable Gas

  • Anaerobic digestion – a methane and co2 rich biogas which can be burnt to produce energy.
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP) – the simultaneous generation of heat and power in a single process. In a standard plant, a lot of heat is wasted and a CHP harnesses the heat for a useful purpose. These plants can be up to 95% efficient so this process is both green and CCL exempt.
  • Biomass – this is produced from organic material. We get it from plants or waste products from industry/agriculture.

Bespoke Utilities were appointed after a rigorous tendering process by Hadland Care group who wanted to find a specialist energy consultancy that offered them 100% renewable energy at a competitive price as well as having a fully managed solution for their energy requirements. Bespoke Utilities have got a successful track record in not only sourcing renewable gas and power, but also assisting clients in the reduction of consumption through various methods.