Energy Purchasing

As the UK energy market grows more complex, the independent advice that a business receives from a consultancy helps energy buyers find the best energy contract for their commercial portfolio. With 80% of UK businesses using energy consultancies, it demonstrates the importance of having an in-depth knowledge of the markets.

Due to the very nature of the energy markets, prices can change on a minute by minute basis so using a consultancy to remove any emotion from the decision making and using an expert with knowledge of the markets can allow a business to make a decision based purely on price and service.

Once we have undertaken a free energy review and understood our clients requirements, we work together on a purchasing strategy. We then provide market analysis and execute the strategy based on our clients attitude to risk and need for budget certainty.

Supplier relationships are becoming more and more important and high level conversations can lead to a better negotiation of pricing as well as direct access to people and teams that can deal with issues/queries in an efficient and professional manner.